Why do you need home nursing when hospitals provide excellent services and health care?

We all lead busy lives and don’t always set aside enough time for our loved ones or even ourselves. Every family is unique. In some families, members may be preoccupied with their jobs, while in other families, members might be focused on their studies, and many can be separated from their families. These families can benefit from or take advantage of the home nursing services.

The article discusses the definition of home nursing, the characteristics of a home nurse, and the advantages of home nursing. Let’s start with a definition of home nursing before moving on to the advantages of home nursing.

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What is home nursing?

As the name implies, home nursing is multidimensional health care provided to patients of all ages in the comfort of their own homes. And it is one cost-effective method to help your loved ones heal more quickly. 

Characteristics of a caregiver

Compassion is one of the most important skills or qualities of a caregiver. Apart from compassion, a caregiver is supposed to have qualities such as:

  • Affection
  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Sense of humor

Every patient has a unique set of medical problems. It is also the responsibility of the caregiver to assist patients with their daily activities. To accomplish this, the caregiver should have these qualities. It would be a simple task for a home health care nurse because it is their profession.

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Who can benefit from home nursing?

Home nursing is a better option than hospital care because of the numerous advantages it offers. There are a number of patients who can benefit from home nursing. Some of them are listed below:

  • People who are unable to move as a result of a medical condition
  • Patients who require extra attention and supervision after surgery
  • Senior citizens whose children want to provide adult care at home
  • People suffering from chronic diseases

People who are not able to move due to illness, surgery, or old age, and others who are not able to perform their daily activities on their own require external help. A home nurse can be of great help to these patients.  

The elderly, post-surgery patients, the retired, and others are all susceptible to a variety of diseases and infections, so a trained home nurse will make sure that their patient’s diet, nutrition, medication, and other basic needs are met. They will also take all necessary precautions to protect the patient from infection while also assuring the family.

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Key benefits/advantages of home nursing

Home health care nursing provides a customized health service along with love and care from the patient’s family. The patient’s health condition can be easily monitored by family members and they can take the necessary action for a quick recovery of the patient. The home nurses also create customized plans to achieve desired goals and fast recovery. 

As a result, home health care nursing is far superior to hospital care. There are a number of advantages to nursing at home. The following are some of the benefits of home health care nursing. 

Effective medication in the comfort of their homes

Most elderly people now have diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and they are at risk for a variety of other health problems as they age. And, for all of these conditions, doctors prescribe a variety of medications, making it more difficult for you to manage. 

Home health care nurses are well-versed in the field and so they can handle this lengthy list of medications. They ensure that the correct medications are taken at the correct times.

Proper diet and nutrition

A well-balanced diet is necessary for the body’s systems to function properly. Lack of proper nutrition makes your body prone to diseases, fatigue, and others. Everyone, from infants to teenagers to adults to the elderly, requires proper nutrition to stay healthy. 

Senior citizens, those who have been recently discharged, people with chronic conditions, and others will be required to adhere to diet plans in order to recover quickly. Home care nurses are trained to keep track of a person’s diet and health status. They will ensure that a balanced diet is prepared and followed. 

Better companionship and independence for the elderly 

Adults and senior citizens with home health care nurses assist them with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, medication, and so on. This enables senior citizens to live dignified and high-quality lives. 

The elderly are dependent on their children, which makes life difficult for family members who live far apart. They can, however, live independently with the help of home health care nurses. They can go about their daily lives without having to rely on their children.

Comfortable environment and faster recovery 

One primary reason why nursing care in the home is far superior to hospitalized care is the environment. Something is wrong when the word “hospital” is used. Nurses’ busy schedules frequently stress out the hospital atmosphere. This would rather burn out the patient than heal him or her quickly. 

For the following reasons, health care at home is far superior to hospital care:

  • The presence of family members and a calm environment
  • Faster recovery
  • Treatments that last a short time
  • Less exposure to other infectious diseases 

Patients prefer a peaceful environment with their families rather than being locked up in the hospital wards. By receiving health care at home, the family members can keep a check on the patient’s health condition, and the patient can be relieved by seeing them every day. 

Studies have shown that patients heal faster in their homes. And your favorite place to be is at home, where you can be with your family. According to the findings of a new study, the home hospital model of health care can help patients heal faster while also saving up to 40% on total costs. It also reduced hospital readmissions by up to 70%.

Patients are protected against other infections by receiving health care at home. Patients who receive nursing care at home heal more quickly and effectively because they are exposed to fewer infections. 

Skilled healthcare nurses

Patients have access to skilled nurses 24 hours a day so that troubling symptoms can be treated as soon as possible. With the assistance of certified and licensed nurses, such medical care can be provided at home. 

The elderly find it difficult to go to the hospital for minor troublesome symptoms. Patients can, however, benefit from the expertise of skilled nurses. As a result, we will be able to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. 

You will have to pay a doctor’s fee and rest medications each time you go to the hospital for a check-up. A skilled nurse can treat you better and help you avoid unnecessary trips. As a result, home health care nursing has become a viable option.

Helps the household

Patients have their own schedules and diet plans to adhere to. Family members, on the other hand, have their own hectic schedules. It’s difficult to keep track of a patient’s nutrition and medications. Apart from these, the patient’s daily activities such as bathing, grooming, daily exercise, and physiotherapy (if required)

The healthcare nurse can ensure or take the whole responsibility of the patient. This relieves the family members and provides them with some personal time. 

An affordable option

According to research, home care nursing costs average 52% less than hospital care. Nursing care in the home is economical because:

  • It cuts down on hospital readmissions
  • It cuts down on unnecessary doctor visits and prescriptions
  • There will be a reduction in treatment time

The cost of hospital care is driven up by rehospitalization and expensive medications. Home health care nursing, when provided by a skilled nurse, is a far better and more cost-effective option than hospital care.

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A home nurse can be there for your loved ones in your absence. They have a responsibility to monitor their patients’ health and medications. Therefore, a home nurse will make sure the patient’s medication, diet, and daily activities are all in order. 

There are several advantages to home nursing where a skilled nurse can be of benefit. When compared to hospital-based health care, home nursing is less expensive, safer, and ensures a faster recovery for the patient. When family members are far away from the patient or preoccupied with their work, home nursing is the best option.

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