We are a leading provider of skilled and compassionate home health care services in the UAE and we offer a wide range of services at the comfort of your home. Our licensed nurses, physiotherapists and healthcare assistants are committed to the guidelines set by Dubai Health Authority(DHA) and World Health Organisation(WHO). We are supported by a highly experienced multi-national team consisting of licensed nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, nutritionists, physicians, and medical directors. All our nurses and healthcare assistants have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority. Each member of our staff has gone through top class medical training and holds a basic life support and first aid certification. Our staff are highly experienced to provide loving care and every one of them has many years of experience across varied healthcare settings internationally.

Licensed Nurses

Our licensed, vastly experienced and
qualified nurses have had their
medical knowledge and
backgrounds verified by senior

Dubai Healthcare Authority

We strictly follow the medical
guidelines of Dubai Health Authority
( DHA ) and our medical standards
also adhere to the World Health
Organisation ( WHO )

Advanced Medical Technologies

We use advanced medical
technologies to provide the best
healthcare service to all our patients.

Optimal Pricing and Quality

We are known to deliver the best
quality healthcare services at
affordable prices to assist everyone
in living a healthy life.