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Wound Care Nursing Dubai

Depending on the type of wound, our well experienced and certified nurses can provide excellent care at the comfort of your home. They are trained in providing the appropriate care for every type of wound.

Whether it is a major injury or a minor cut, an untreated wound can lead to severe consequences. Proper wound dressing and continuous care are needed to protect the wound from infection and further complications. It also helps facilitate the healing process with less scarring. Lana Life Care, the top in-home health care service in the UAE, offers excellent wound care following your doctor’s treatment advice in the comfort of your home. Depending upon the type of the wound and its severity, our highly skilled and licensed nurses can provide regular wound care to hasten the healing process. They are well-trained and experienced in wound management and the healing process, providing the appropriate care for every type of wound.

Moreover, our qualified healthcare professionals provide specialized care for chronic or non-healing wounds by discovering the underlying, complex conditions that prevent the injury from progressing through the usual phases of wound healing. We have a dedicated team of nurses who closely monitor the wound to see if there is bleeding, temperature, discharge or odour to know the progress of the wound. Being the best home health care provider, we have a team of nurses trained in providing sterile wound dressing, professional medical care and pain management to assist the healing process in the comfort of your own home. 

Our Services In Wound Care

Alginate Dressing

Alginate dressings can absorb wound drainage properly and form gels to prevent the wound from becoming dry and minimize bacterial infections. You can find expert nurses from Lana Life Care for alginate wound dressing at your doorstep to take appropriate care of your wound. This type of wound dressing is mainly used to heal wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound drainage, pressure ulcers (stage III or IV), diabetic foot ulcers, cavity wounds, venous leg ulcers, surgical wounds, partial-thickness burns, etc.

Hydrocolloid Dressing

Hydrocolloids are occlusive, waterproof dressings, which are known for faster healing. By providing a moist and insulating healing environment, this type of dressing protects uninfected wounds and helps speed up the healing process. Lana Life Care often suggests hydrocolloid dressing for necrotic and granular wounds. Our clinical experts provide this wound care dressing in wounds like burn injuries, light to moderately draining wounds, pressure ulcers and venous ulcers.

Hydrogel Dressing

Along with proper wound care and medication, we provide efficient hydrogel dressing at home to effectively heal wounds such as infected wounds, necrotic wounds, wounds with little secretion, painful wounds, donor sites, second degree or higher burns and pressure ulcers. Hydrogel dressing, consisting of 90 per cent water in a gel base, promotes granulation, epithelialization, and autolytic debridement by creating a moist healing environment.

Foam Dressing

Foam dressings are highly absorbent wound dressings, which are often used to create a moist environment conducive to wound healing. Our highly skilled nurses would visit you at your home and dress your wound with foam dressing that helps manage exuding wounds and injuries that exhibit odours and minimize dressing discomfort and pain.

Collagen Dressing

Wound dressings containing collagen can help stimulate new tissue growth while encouraging the formation of new blood vessels, autolytic debridement, and resurfacing the wound with new epithelium. Our licensed nurses are well-versed in providing collagen dressing on multiple wound types, including but not limited to wounds with large surface areas, stalled wounds, bedsores, transplant sites, ulcers, post-operative wounds, and second degree or higher burns.

Cloth/Gauze Dressing

Cloth/gauze dressing is the most widely used wound care dressing, which is often used to protect areas of broken skin or open wounds from bacterial contamination. Nurses from Lana Life Care take the proper care to avert the risk of any complications, such as infections

Transparent Dressing

Our trained and caring nurses dress your wound appropriately with transparent dressings as well, allowing constant observation of healing wounds without dressing removal. This type of dressing covers the wound with a clear film and keeps the affected area moist for optimal healing.

Negative Pressure Wound Dressings

Negative pressure wound dressings involve a vacuum dressing that applies gentle suction to drain out excess fluid from the wound and promote healing of both acute and chronic wounds.

Why Choose Lana Life Care For Wound Care?

Lana Life Care is a leading name when it comes to Home Health Care Services in the UAE. Our highly qualified and compassionate health care professionals offer a wide range of services, including wound care at the comfort of your home. Each of our healthcare professionals rigorously follows the medical guidelines laid out by Dubai Health Authority ( DHA ) and World Health Organisation ( WHO ).

At Lana Life Care, we offer wound care for different kinds of wounds like infected wounds, surgical wounds, puncture wounds, accidental wounds, vascular wounds, and chronic wounds. Once you have registered for our wound care service, one of our health care professionals will visit you at your home and perform a thorough assessment, including a wound care assessment. Our expert nurses provide the right wound dressing and wound care for quick healing while utilizing various methods associated with the type of wound. In addition, we make a final nursing visit to advise you on future preventive care once your injury has completely healed.

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