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Nobody wants to leave their baby alone or in a stranger's hand, even for a second. But unexpected situations may arise where you want someone trustworthy enough to step in to take care of your baby. Finding a dependable baby care professional can be a daunting and time-consuming task. That's where Lana Life Care steps in as a reliable option for families to take care of their children and keep them safe. Having a babysitter on-call can provide you with more flexibility for your office work or if you need a moment to yourself.

Lana Life Care provides trustworthy, flexible and affordable baby care services in Dubai, offering the best possible care for your babies and peace of mind for you. We work closely with families to understand their needs and provide them with fully vetted babysitters. We have a team of experienced, professional, nurturing and responsible babysitters  and they are selected  to suit you and your child's unique personality and needs.

Our Services

1. Nannies on call

Are you looking for a responsible babysitter in Dubai for your last-minute childcare needs? You are at the right destination. Whether you come across an emergency situation that necessitates the need for a babysitter or a night party that isn't baby-friendly, we have got you covered. Our babysitting team is available on call to take care of your children and ensure the little ones get all the attention and love.

2. Short term baby care service

Do you need a babysitter to accompany your child on the walk to school for a few days or a weekend babysitter for a short period of time? Don't worry, Lana Life Care is here with short term babysitting services that best suit your requirements. We can watch over your children with love, compassion and grace.

3. Long term childcare

Whether you are searching for a permanent babysitter to take care of the little ones for the whole day regularly or on four days a week according to your working schedule, there is always a babysitter at Lana Life Care who fits your babysitting needs. Our babysitters, who are experienced and passionate about babysitting, can provide round the clock child care at the comfort of your home for a long term as per your demands.

4. Baby Care services for every occasion

At  Lana Life Care, you can book a babysitter for every moment. Our babysitters are flexible and easily adapt to your schedule.You don't have to worry about dealing with new babysitters every time; we can provide you with a babysitter who can render baby care services according to your appointments, plans or anything on your schedule. We also offer hotel baby care services for tourists.

Benefits of our Baby Care Services

Quality care 

The best quality of care for your children is our promise. Being the best baby care services in Dubai, we are safe, trustworthy, and respectful with a team of fully vetted babysitters. While providing a higher level of care and complete focus on your little one, we also create a nurturing, safe, fun, and appropriately stimulating environment for their holistic development.

Peace of Mind

Our loving, nurturing and trustworthy team of babysitters will give you peace of mind. Each of our babysitters is carefully selected to provide excellent & reliable childcare. There is nothing more relaxing and stress-free than knowing that your child is being cared for by an experienced and caring babysitter while you are not around.

Professional team

Trustworthiness and professionalism are the cornerstones of our baby care services. With our well-trained and experienced babysitters, you have no reason to worry about your baby. We conduct stringent background checks and go beyond resumes and references while hiring babysitters. Our dedicated team ensures a professional yet personal babysitting experience for our families. 

Familiar environment

At Lana Life Care, we understand your kids feel more comfortable and happy in familiar surroundings than in a new place. That's why we provide unparalleled baby care services at the comfort of your home. While ensuring child safety and hygiene, they will look after everything from playing games and fun activities, changing diapers, bathing, feeding, cradling, sleeping, and more.

Affordable services

Baby care services in Dubai may sound expensive, but with Lana Life Care, you do not need to worry about high pricing. We offer high-quality baby care services in Dubai at reasonable rates. When it comes to finding an experienced and trustworthy babysitter here in Dubai, Lana Life Care is the best and the most affordable choice.

Why choose Lana Life Care?

Lana Life Care is the leading provider of premium in-home health care services in the UAE, offering a full range of home health care services, including home nursing, physiotherapy, elderly care services, post-operative care, pregnancy and newborn care, special needs assistance, babysitting and much more. We have a multi-national team of qualified nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, babysitters, nutritionists, physicians, and medical directors. Each of our healthcare professionals adheres to the medical guidelines laid out by Dubai Health Authority ( DHA ) and World Health Organisation ( WHO ). At Lana Life Care, you can find the most stress-free babysitter service in Dubai. Whether you need baby care services for fixed, flexible or last minute, we have solutions.

Our babysitters can look after your babies or toddlers with nurturing care, providing a safe, secure and loving environment. With Lana Life's reliable baby care services, there is nothing you need to be nervous about, even if you are leaving your little one in the care of a babysitter for the first time. You can entrust the care of your child in the hands of our dependable and responsible team of babysitters.

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