Blood Test at Home in Dubai

Going to hospitals or community clinics for a phlebotomy/blood test can be time-consuming and distressing, especially for people who are nervous about blood testing in general or who have a hectic work or life schedule.

At Lana Life Care, we can make your phlebotomy/ blood collection easier by simply coming to you to take your blood sample. You can get your blood tests done at work or arrange a home visit. Phlebotomy service is quick and easy, and it's done when it's suitable for you.

Our phlebotomy-at-home services are created to improve your healthcare experience by allowing you to conduct phlebotomy/blood tests in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You can use this service whenever it is convenient for you.

Being able to perform a blood test at home will put you at ease and reduce your anxiety. From a basic culture test to a sophisticated cholesterol test, we offer most of the blood testing services requested by your doctor at home.

Home Phlebotomy/Blood Collection Services

Home phlebotomy services are created to assist you in conserving your valuable time. Our qualified phlebotomists are always available to take your sample for a blood test at home in Dubai and send reliable findings to your house in a timely manner.

In Dubai, senior citizens and others with chronic diseases may now get phlebotomy (blood drawing) services from the comfort of their own homes. Patients with diabetes, who are among the most susceptible to infection and sickness, will benefit from home phlebotomy services or private blood tests at home.

To guarantee optimal health, a variety of home blood tests are offered by Lana Life Care. The renal function test, blood analysis, stomach fluid assessment, liver function test, and other tests are included.

Lab Test at Home in Dubai

Lab-at-home services by Lana Life Care, provide lab tests at home by professionally qualified and skilled experts to properly diagnose illness through different blood tests or phlebotomy. Our lab-at-home services are available 24/7 to deliver prompt service and precise blood test results.

The Advantages of Blood Test Services at Home

1) Accessibility

Our mobile blood draw services have enabled enhanced accessibility to blood test services at home by qualified phlebotomists. 

2) No Waiting Period

At hospitals and clinics, patients must wait many hours for their lab tests. The results might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the test. In addition, patients must wait in line to pay their costs.

Patients who use mobile phlebotomy services are no longer concerned about the length of their wait. They don't have to wait in large queues for tests or pay their bills. Even if it's only one home blood test, patients may conduct it in a comfortable setting.

3) Safe and Convenient

Patients may now have a blood sample collection at home, reducing the number of appointments required for healthcare follow-ups.

4) Hygienic Service

With a home phlebotomy service, the concern about hospital cleanliness has evaporated. Cleanliness of the environment is critical in preventing health problems.

Patients have a phobia of going to the clinic, but Lana Life Care's home lab testing has alleviated that concern by providing hygienic blood tests at home in Dubai. In addition, the lab specialists' equipment is sterilised and hygienic.

Why Choose Us for a Home Blood Test in Dubai?

Why go out when you can receive high-quality lab testing done in the privacy of your own home and by a DHA Certified Nurse?

Lana Life Care is the first health care company in Dubai to offer at-home blood collection services, promising faster and more reliable results from internationally accredited labs.

  • Only DHA-licensed nurses are allowed to obtain blood samples.
  • Blood collection at home in accordance with best medical practices.
  • Physician double-checked the results. **
  • Only recognised and globally accredited labs examine samples.
  • For the most part, accurate findings are available in a short time. 
  • Service is available at your house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How It Works: A Three-Step Blood Test at Home Procedure

1) Contact Us

Call our helpline or visit our website to schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member.

2) Blood Collection at Home

Our nurse will arrive at your place with all of the necessary protective equipment to take your blood samples.

3) Obtain the Results

Depending on the tests performed, you will receive your lab test results on your registered phone number or through email.

The Best Phlebotomy Services in Dubai

We are the UAE's leading provider of expert and empathetic home health care services, and we provide an array of services in the privacy of your own home.

With only one phone call, a DHA Certified Phlebotomist will be at your home to collect the blood samples (or other specimens) required for your lab testing.

Your at-home blood test results will be given to you at your house as soon as feasible, depending on the tests performed, with the assurance that they will be accurate, dependable, and cross-checked by the most skilled physicians.

Blood Test at Home Services Near Me

With our home phlebotomy services, you are at the right place for a "blood collection service near me," as we are always available for home-related services for sound health. Call us, and a member of our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

So for anyone who’s looking for a "blood test at home near me" or "phlebotomy services near me", Lana Life Care offers the best home blood test services in Dubai.

Affordable Blood Test at Home Services

Our blood test at home services is affordable and reasonable, with accurate results for the right diagnosis. Make sure that you contact our customer service and find out the price of the blood test that needs to be done in advance.

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Does Lana Life Care provide blood collection at home for the elderly?

Yes. Lana Life Care has qualified phlebotomists for in-home blood test services for the elderly.

Is your home blood test in Dubai services affordable?

Our home phlebotomy or blood test at home service is affordable, and moreover, we are available at your service anytime.

Do you have “phlebotomy labs near me”?

Yes. Lana Life Care provides accurate results from accredited labs through our prompt blood test services.

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