Special Needs Assistance at Home

We provide assistance for those with special needs at their homes whether they are kids or grown-ups. Our staff are trained in taking care of their mental or physical needs. Our medical director will conduct an assessment and will also study the background carefully to suggest the right kind of assistance.

Lana Life Care assists people with special needs in their homes, whether they are children or adults. We have employees who are trained to meet both their emotional and physical demands. Initially, our medical directors will evaluate the patient's needs and preferences and carefully examine the patient's background to recommend the appropriate level of support. We will supply specialised nurses who are well qualified and skilled in the service they provide, regardless of the type of rehabilitation treatment requested by the patient—oncological, orthopaedic, or neurological. Patients who are catheterised, need feeding assistance, are recovering from wounds or surgical incisions, or are differently-abled. Our patient’s comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and we make every effort to improve their quality of life.

The Significant element of our skilled nursing care services is the importance we place on emotional support for patients going through a difficult time—recovery isn't easy. Our nurses are empathetic and caring. They strive to improve patients' emotional states by providing them with the utmost attention and care necessary to make them feel better and acclimatise to their surroundings. They monitor the patient's medical condition and symptoms to provide nursing care targeted to their short- and long-term health goals. We also offer dependable and experienced nursing staff, both male and female, to meet a wide range of client demands.

Our Services For Special Needs

Personal Care

We provide necessary home health care to clients around the UAE, as well as trustworthy and competent nursing specialists to satisfy a range of consumer needs.  Our nurses receive continuous training in quality treatment and nursing standards regularly. We maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, ensuring that the Patient Care Takers we send to each of our clients are skilled in their area and capable of successfully caring for the patients. We provide that the Patient Care Takers we employ are qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of patient care.

Why Choose Lana Life Care for Special Needs Assistance?

Our treatment focuses on making your loved one feel loved and at ease, and we stand with them in each step of their treatment plan to ensure that they heal completely. Our goal is not to make choices that you are not comfortable with. You'll have complete control over treatment strategies and plans. We'll keep you updated on their progress and make any necessary changes to their treatment plan. We have been delivering outstanding home healthcare services all year long to improve the quality of life of hundreds of our patients at home. We have a highly experienced multi-national staff of licenced nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, nutritionists, and medical directors who have helped us become the preferred provider of home health care services in Dubai. The quality of care we provide to our patients is the key to our success.

We consider it an honour to give compassionate home care to your loved ones, and we're honoured to do so. As a medical home care provider, we provide you with independence, companionship, and personalised care. It can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to find the right home care service for your loved ones. Lana Life Care, one of the top healthcare providers in the UAE, can provide you with a caregiver you can trust who understands you and is compatible with your loved one's needs. 

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