As a valued customer of LANA LIFE CARE, you and your family have the following RIGHTS:


  • To be informed by LANA LIFE CARE of your rights and responsibilities and to receive a written copy (in Arabic and English) on admission to our services. If necessary, a translator will be provided to ensure full comprehension of these rights
  • To receive the highest level of care and respect for your personal values and beliefs by all LANA LIFE CARE
  • To have informed and/or general consent for all proposed home care services. This should be signed by you or your first-degree relative. If you lack legal full
    capacity to consent in person (e.g., under 18 years of age or is not oriented), consent shall be taken from your relatives up to the fourth degree
  • To receive the highest professional standards where care shall be delivered by licensed individuals and by competent multidisciplinary team members
  • To receive care that is based on the best available evidence and within LANA LIFE CARE’s scope of practice.
  • To be free from verbal, mental, sexual, and physical abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of property.
  • To receive privacy during any clinical procedures and that LANA LIFE CARE staff will always maintain your confidentially.
  • To receive a complete explanation if there is a need for LANA LIFE CARE to transfer/ discharge you from our service
  • Upon request, have access to your medical records.
  • The right to receive an appropriate assessment and management plan for any pain that you have, through the delivery of evidence-based practices.
  • To be informed of all costs related to your contract with LANA LIFE CARE, and to receive (upon request) an itemized bill explaining all charges.
  • In the event of an emergency, you will receive Basic Life Support by our clinicians until the Emergency Services arrive
  • To receive a detailed assessment on admission to our services and receive a plan of care on how we plan to meet your care needs a
  • You have a right to terminate or amend your contracted hours by providing 48 hours’ notice.
  • You have a right to refuse any care offered by our clinicians. If this situation arises, our clinicians will advise you of the potential risks associated with not following the recommended care plan and will ask you to sign a form for that refusal.
LANA LIFE CARE states that the Person Served has the following responsibilities:


  • To respect all LANA LIFE CARE policies and regulations.
  • To receive the highest level of care and respect for your personal values and beliefs by all LANA LIFE CARE.
  • To treat all LANA LIFE CARE staff members with respect.
  • To not ask our staff to conduct domestic duties that are outside of their job description, i.e., babysitting members of the household, washing and cleaning.
  • To give honest and comprehensive information regarding your medical history and to provide an up- to- date medical report or discharge summary which includes all current medications.
  • To provide an up-to date prescription for all medications taken at home.
  • To be responsible for any consequences resulting from not following the agreed plan of care.
  • To ensure that any financial obligations due to LANA LIFE CARE are paid promptly.
  • To notify LANA LIFE CARE if you plan to change residences other than the address listed on the original contract. This is to ensure that a risk assessment is completed and to also arrange the logistics necessary to get your nurse to you.
  • . If your home nursing is covered by your insurance, this only covers you whilst you are at home. In the event of an admission to hospital, home care services will cease unless you wish to continue under a private pay basis.