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Our professionally qualified and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified nurses with many years of experience are available for monthly, weekly, daily and hourly packages to provide all health care services at the comfort of your home. Our nurses are known for their professional knowledge and tender care they can provide to your near and dear ones. You can reach out to us and our medical team will assess your needs and provide you the most suitable services. Looking for the best Home Care Nursing, Home Nursing Dubai, Home Care Nurse and Home Nurse? Contact Lana Life Care now.

Lana Life Care offers high-quality nursing care in the comfort of your own home. Our professional and well experienced nurses can assist you or a loved one in your family with any nursing assistance. Our dedicated team makes every effort to assess your or your loved one's needs and daily routine. In addition, our medical directors are always available by phone to provide expert advice. Visits to hospitals, clinics, or treatment facilities to have nursing assistance can be a common and arduous effort for patients with chronic conditions. Medical appointments can be time-consuming, and travel can be costly and inconvenient, especially for patients with mobility issues. From tube feeding and suctioning to injections and wound care, we can supervise and administer common nursing procedures. We also offer post-surgery services aimed at ensuring complete and rapid recovery at your home. Our nurses will keep an eye on your rehabilitation plan and can assist you in getting the proper medication at the right time.

In specific emergencies, travelling to a care center and waiting in line may not be an option, which is why you need the services of a Lana life care home nursing specialist. Our nurses will assist families who need specialized nursing care. We also help with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence. We also offer night care to help with toileting and nursing needs, helping to minimize night walking to avoid the danger of falling. Our nurses will devote their full attention to your loved ones, ensuring that they receive the care they require.

Our Services in Home Nursing

1. Infusions Therapy

Home infusions have become a necessity as more healthcare procedures are moved from hospitals to home care settings. Infusion therapy is a safe technique to get medications or fluids that cannot be taken orally. We will demonstrate how to set up your home infusion system so that it can be effortlessly integrated into patients' daily lives. Our nurses take every precaution to avoid infection by following the best medical procedures. They will help in setting up the area and also monitor the infusion site on your arm or chest for signs of infection, discomfort or redness at the catheter site, or fever, and act accordingly.

2. Medical Care

Our plans include individualized healthcare services, such as nurse, caregiver and physio visits, and we provide skilled medical supervision with compassionate care over an extended time at home. We can also bring medications and medical equipment to your home, depending on your needs and as per your doctor’s advice. If necessary, we can also provide training on using the equipment or taking medications. We make sure that any fears or concerns you and your family may have are addressed and that they receive the appropriate emotional and physical care. Physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and other home care services will provide you with all the professional information you need. Looking for the best Home Care Nursing, Home Nursing Dubai, Home Care Nurse and Home Nurse? Contact Lana Life Care now.

3. Medical Dressing

A wound is not only an injury sustained as a result of an accident at home or elsewhere; it also refers to surgical incisions and cuts made to allow catheters to enter the body, as in the case of a suprapubic catheter. Wound therapy includes everything from skin glue, sutures, and stitches to tetanus booster shots and pain medicine, to mention a few. Dressings make it easier to keep the proper moisture balance for wound healing. Wound care is best performed at home to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Without sacrificing outcomes, we provide a cost-effective, clinically-driven service in the privacy of one's own home.

Why Choose Lana Life Home Nursing?

At your home, we provide compassionate and professional care. Our qualified home nurses can provide you with the individualised nursing care you require right at your home, saving you time and money. Most importantly, you may unwind and heal in the comfort of your own home. Our skilled home nurses can also analyse any problems you may have at home that prevent you from recovering. Following each appointment, we will also keep you updated on your progress. Working together, we will find a fantastic care professional for you and your loved ones. Looking for the best Home Care Nursing, Home Nursing Dubai, Home Care Nurse and Home Nurse? Contact Lana Life Care now.

Our loving, compassionate, caring, efficient, and value-driven care team is highly specialized, well-trained, and solutions-oriented. We take great satisfaction in following the norms and procedures laid down by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and our own company's code of conduct. Our Home nurses can help with medication management and ensure that the proper medications recommended by your doctor are taken at the prescribed times to treat health conditions and avoid adverse drug interactions because they have a specialized understanding of medication and pharmaceuticals. We treat our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves. To everyone we serve and collaborate with, we aim to provide our best. You'll never feel alone with Lana Life Care by your side. Open communication and close collaboration are the hallmarks of Lana Life Care.

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