Elderly Care Dubai

Elders living with chronic conditions, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, life after an injury or a stroke, require expert help to attend to their needs around the clock. Our certified nurses will assist you in managing pressure sores, pain, fall risks, ventilators and tube feeding and many other elderly care services that will be custom designed. You can reach out to us and we will perform a careful assessment of the needs and will assist you in taking great care of your loved ones.

We have a dedicated team offering the highest quality healthcare services to individuals of all ages. We have a team specially trained to care for senior citizens in their own homes. Our objective is to assist people in improving their lifestyles, allowing them to live more independently, and assisting patients in staying at home instead of a hospital.

Nursing, we believe, is both an art and a practice that helps people physically and mentally by delivering quality care and affection. The formation of a positive mental attitude may be just as vital to the patient's rehabilitation as the necessary physical care.

Our professionals improve patients’ quality of life by preventing and restoring health through early detection, accurate assessment, and treatment of pain and other disorders. Disease treatment, post-surgical care, and wound care are among the services provided by our skilled nurses. Each patient's entire plan of care will be coordinated and guided by our professional case managers. Our highly trained staff have a wealth of expertise assisting patients in recovering from injuries sustained in falls, joint replacement surgeries, and stroke-related disabilities. We also provide Physiotherapy services to help patients learn how to regain function through exercises and training.

Our Services in Senior Home Care

1.Home Nursing 

Patients can recover in their own homes with the help of home nursing services. Our compassionate nurses will assist you in healing in the comfort of your own home while providing professional medical care. To provide the best quality of medical care for our patients, we prioritise regular audits, including exchanging assessment reports with our medical Directors, weekly video audits, monthly on-site audits, and evaluation of reports by our in-house clinical staff. Our nurses deliver tailored high-end care for elderlies.

2.Personal Care 

Our experienced caregivers can provide excellent personal care for our clients including bead bathing, personal grooming and all the assistance required. 

3.Bedridden Care 

Caring for a bedridden patient is challenging and necessitates a lot of patience and compassion. This is why we provide a highly qualified and empathetic team of in-home caregivers who are up to the task—professionally trained to provide high-quality, life-improving home care for bedridden elders. Our staff are trained to assist bedridden seniors with bed baths, diapering, toileting, and daily clothes changes in a kind and effective manner. We keep the sheets and blankets clean and dust-free, as well as ensuring your loved one is comfortable in the bed.

4.Medical Equipment

Various medications or medical devices may be required to assist you or a loved one in resuming normal life after a certain age or in difficult conditions. To make healthcare more accessible and affordable, we rent and sell a variety of medical equipment. We deliver equipment from various areas in and around the UAE, depending on the demands of our clients. We also teach family members and caregivers how to use and maintain the equipment properly.

Why Choose Lana Life for Elderly Care?

We are a leading provider of competent and compassionate home health care services in the United Arab Emirates, offering a wide range of services in the privacy of your own home. Our registered nurses, physiotherapists, and healthcare assistants follow all Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. We are supported by a multi-national team of qualified nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals.

We provide customised nursing services in the comfort of your own home, as well as a wide range of health care services to match the needs and budgets of our clients. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals in your family who require assistance. We consider caregiving a privilege, and we're proud to provide heartfelt home care services to your loved ones. We give you independence, companionship, and personalised care services as a medical home care provider. Choosing the appropriate home care service for your loved ones may be a challenging, time-consuming, and costly process. You need a caregiver you can trust who knows and is compatible with your loved one's demands. Our Home Care Package allows you and your loved one to try our home care services before committing. Providing regular home care services and assistance makes it straightforward for your family to decide whether home care is the best option for your loved ones.

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