Pregnancy and New-born care

Our professionally qualified and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified nurses can provide you all the assistance and loving support during your pregnancy or after delivery of your child. Services include guiding you through various stages of pregnancy, creating a birth plan, tender and loving new-born support, baby care, baby massage, breastfeeding tips and guidance on how to navigate those critical first weeks of life with a new baby.

You're expecting a baby and can't wait to see him/her! But hold on a second! Before you do, you must take adequate pregnancy care to ensure that you and your baby are in good health. Our expert team can guide you through different phases of pregnancy, making a birth plan. We also have a team of well-trained and caring nurses who can provide delicate and loving new-born support service that includes baby care, baby massage, breastfeeding tips, and assistance in navigating those crucial first weeks of life with a new baby.  After delivery, your infant will need delicate care and maybe susceptible to germs and pathogens. Taking care of your new baby necessitates caution and utmost cleanliness to ensure that your tiny tot does not become ill. We also offer services that allow us to handle every aspect of the process for you.

Staying healthy is the first step in caring for yourself and your child. Maintaining good health throughout your pregnancy will guarantee a comfortable pregnancy with few difficulties. Our services also include assisting you in maintaining a healthy diet and keeping track of your health, as what you eat impacts the nutrition of your baby. We can also aid you in maintaining a good diet and keeping track of your health, as what you eat has an impact on your baby's nutrition. It's also crucial to look after yourself after delivery, and while we understand that this can be challenging with a baby, our expert staff can assist with that.

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Newborn baby care

You've been on a beautiful journey: pregnancy, labour, and delivery, and now you're ready to take your new baby home with you. According to studies, new parents have a more challenging time adjusting to their new lifestyle and caring for their new-born kids during the first few months. Our in-home nursing service is a viable option for dealing with this issue. Even the most nervous first-time parents can quickly feel at ease when caring for a new-born with our help. The most vital link with infants promotes emotional growth, influencing their development in other areas, such as physical development. Our friendly, well-trained team is the finest choice for this role.

Why Choose Lana Life For Pregnancy Care and Newborn Care ?

Lana Life Care is the UAE's top home health care provider, offering high-quality medical care in the privacy and comfort of your own home. With a team of qualified nurses, physiotherapists, and healthcare assistants, we take great satisfaction in conforming to the Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) and World Health Organization's (WHO) rules, as well as our code of conduct. We always build a unique treatment plan for each patient, based on various patient-specific considerations, to ensure that new mothers and their kids receive the best possible care and growth during and after pregnancy.

Our wide variety of healthcare services includes home nursing, physiotherapy, and post-surgical care, in addition to pregnancy and child care. Our nurses will take care of everything, including organising your appointment, asking the doctor about your progress, and taking down notes and dietary modifications as your recovery develops. While you relax and focus on your health and healing, our skilled professionals will take care of everything for you.

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