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Pregnancy And New-Born Care

Our professionally qualified and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified nurses can provide you all the assistance and loving support during your pregnancy or after delivery of your child. Services include guiding you through various stages of pregnancy, creating a birth plan, tender and loving new-born support, baby care, baby massage, breastfeeding tips and guidance on how to navigate those critical first weeks of life with a new baby.


You don't have to face it alone. Our team is prepared to stand by you, offering support whenever and wherever you require it.

Our services encompass assisting you throughout pregnancy, developing a birth plan, offering newborn assistance, baby care, baby massage, providing breastfeeding advice, and conducting classes to guide you through those pivotal early weeks of welcoming a new baby into your life.

Providing Pregnancy Guidance for Mothers

As an expecting parent, it's natural to have a multitude of questions. Our team of extensively trained midwives is here to assist you in finding answers to all your queries about pregnancy and newborn care, supporting you at every stage of the journey.

Prenatal Care

We're here to accompany you on your journey, offering services like consistent monitoring of your baby's progress, offering guidance at every phase of your pregnancy, and supplying the emotional and physical support you require.


At Lana Life Care Home Nursing, we place our trust in a skilled and dependable team that is dedicated to providing you with exceptional care tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Optimal breastfeeding positions contribute to a positive experience for both mother and baby. It begins with a personalized feeding consultation, which is conducted in the privacy and comfort of your own home, scheduled to suit your convenience.

Consultation on Sleep

Implementing sleep training supports both mother and baby in adjusting to life at home together. It involves discovering a harmonious balance that promotes both your physical and emotional well-being.

Baby Massage

Lana Life Care Home Nursing is pleased to provide a 5-week infant massage course that holds international accreditation.

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