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Injection Services

Injections are to be carefully administered by trained hands. Our expert nurses can visit you at the comfort of your home and provide the injections prescribed by your doctor.

An injection, a technique to inject medication into the body, is a basic medical procedure to retain or restore good health. Even though it is a common procedure, it must be administered by trained healthcare professionals, especially for people with several medical conditions – diabetes, liver disease, any cardiovascular condition, stroke, immune system disorders, lung disease, renal disease, and many other health conditions. The need for proper attention and a pair of well-experienced and skilled hands for injection necessitates a trip to the hospital, which can be inconvenient for many due to various reasons such as injury, ill-health, old age or lack of time. This is where Lana Life Care steps in as a feasible option to avoid your travel hassles, offering expert injection services in the comfort of your home.

As a leading in-home healthcare provider in UAE, we provide a highly skilled nursing facility at your doorstep for a convenient and hassle-free injection service at home. Our professionally qualified and experienced nurses adhere to the guidelines and procedures laid out by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and offer administration of the injection, providing the highest quality service. They efficiently administer the required injection prescribed by your doctor swiftly, safely and in a painless manner. We mainly aim to help people who require injection services with a choice to have their drug administered in their homes.

Our Services

1. Intravenous injections at home

The intravenous (IV) injection is a method of administering medications or electrolyte fluids directly into a vein. It is usually done through IV cannulation, in which a cannula is placed inside a vein to ensure that medication is administered into a patent vein and avoid its leaks into the tissue around the vein. Intravenous mode of injections should be given only by skilled and certified healthcare professionals. Our licensed nurses are well-versed in administering medication through IV injection. At Lana Life Care, we understand there is a high risk for infusion reactions in some patients; that is why our nurses continuously monitor the patient’s response to IV infusions.

2. Intramuscular injections at home

An intramuscular (IM) injection is a technique used to deliver medication directly to the vascular muscle, allowing the drug to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Almost all injectable vaccines, certain antibiotics are delivered this way. The nurses at Lana Life Care will help you have an intramuscular injection conveniently in your place. Our healthcare professionals follow standard protocols, safety procedures and properly dispose of the syringes, needles, and empty medication vials.

3. Subcutaneous injections at home

The subcutaneous mode of injections involves injecting medication into the tissue layer between the skin and the muscle. This type of injection is used when administered medication needs to be absorbed slowly over a period of time in the patient’s body, such as insulin and heparin. Our group of dedicated and experienced nurses will give subcutaneous injections from the benefits of being at home. We follow the sterile technique while administering the injection to protect patients from harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

4. Intradermal injections at home

When the injection administers medicines into the dermis, just below the epidermis, it is called an intradermal mode of injection. These types of injections are commonly used for sensitivity tests such as allergy tests and tuberculosis tests. A fully qualified nurse from Lana Life Care will visit you at home at an agreed time to safely and adequately administer your intradermal injection. We constantly monitor the patient to see the degree of therapeutic or adverse effects of the medication.

Why Choose Lana Life Care For Injection Service At Home?

Lana Life Care, the best injection service at home, is a safe and convenient choice to administer all types of injections comfortably at your place. Once you have been registered with the services by Lana Life Care, you will be assigned a licensed healthcare professional based on your treatment requirement. Our team of nurses, who follow all Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, are well-trained and equipped to administer the prescribed injections easily and hassle-free. Whether you need injection services for a few days, periodically, or for a long term as recommended by your doctor, we’ve got you covered. Home visits from fully qualified nurses are arranged by Lana Life Care to inject your medicine at your home based on your doctor’s prescription. Our regular training sessions ensure all our health care professionals are updated with the latest processes and methodologies.

Moreover, our expert health care professionals are ready to visit your home and train you on the right way to self-administer the injections if your doctor has agreed. If you need an injection to be done and need to do it regularly, our services can be availed. We provide proper care and attention along with experienced and trained hands. Opting for injection services at home eliminates your travel hassles and expensive hospital stays. Older adults, people who suffer from illness or don’t have time for hospital visits, get highly benefited by our injection service at home.

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Yes. The senior physiotherapy treatments offered at home by Lana Life Care are effective and catered to the patient’s needs.


Elderly care refers to serving the needs and requirements of senior citizens.

Financial stability, personal security and safety, health care, mental wellness, and self-actualization are among the fundamental necessities.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hearing loss, osteoarthritis, diabetes, depression, and dementia are common ailments among elderly people. Expert elderly care can help you manage these issues at the right time.