Features of Our Doctor on Call Services in Dubai

With the time constraints that traditional doctors face, an individual ends up not receiving timely treatment and requires tremendous patience for medical appointments. Lana Life Care provides prompt and swift services, and the Doctor's home visit in Dubai includes the provision of all the necessary support at the requested location. Our other features include:


DHA Registered Doctors

Availability of highly competent doctors physiotherapists and nurses on board; all registered under DHA.


Viable Services at Your Doorstep

Making mobile home doctor services in Dubai more viable than going to a medical facility ensures that our patients are satisfied and that we can get to their homes quickly.


Emergency Doctor-on-Call Services

Emergency Doctor-on-Call services either at your home, office or hotel.


Mobile Home Doctors in Dubai

Availability of doctors whenever required, be it holidays or weekends


Employing State-of-the-art Technology

We are the most innovative home healthcare service provider in Dubai as we employ and evaluate cutting-edge technology to help patients.


Individualised Treatment Plans

Individualised healthcare plan after a home consultation is made available where the patient requires periodic monitoring and review.

Why Choose Lana Life
Care for On-call Doctors
in Dubai?

Our Doctor on-Call at home service can address the medical issues of patients effectively and within a short time at their homes. Every medical service imaginable, including lab tests are conducted by our team at your home.

One can easily find the medical assistance required to regain their normal life with Lana Life Care. We are known for :

Exceptional service

Our patients get the best care and treatment along with follow-ups are done on an individual basis.

For all age groups

We work with people of all ages - toddlers to the elderly, and our consultations address both short-term and long-term health issues.

Referrals to specialists

Our home doctor in Dubai will determine if a specialist referral or a referral to an inpatient facility is necessary.

Relentless service

We provide continuous home health care services and are accessible whenever you need us, even on holidays and weekends. Our Doctor-at-Home service in Dubai sends a competent doctor to your home within 30 - 60 minutes.

Diagnosis and treatment

The collection of laboratory test samples is monitored by our specialised team. Diagnostic test results are promptly made available to aid in clinical decision-making and treatment.

Referrals for home physiotherapy

To assist with sports injuries, women's health issues, and general physiotherapy, the mobile home doctor can recommend you to our home physiotherapy services.

Chronic disease care and recovery

We facilitate pain management along with the assessment and treatment of all chronic conditions. Our Doctor at Home in Dubai will help you recover with our personalised care and timely medical interventions.

Post-hospitalization care

Our Doctor at Home service offers post-hospitalization care whenever needed.

General checkup

Keeping an eye on your health is a wise habit. Children and the elderly need to get regular checkups for their sound health. Make an appointment with Lana Life Care’s Home Doctor and feel secure and assured about your family's health.

doctor on call

Doctor-on-Call Near Me

Our Doctor-on-Call services are accessible at your doorstep, so you no longer have to worry about travelling to a clinic or hospital. For consulting a certified and experienced doctor from Lana Life Care, search "Doctor-on-Call near me" or "home-visit doctors near me." You will get specialised medical care in the comfort of your home.

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3 Simple Ways to Schedule a Doctor-on-Call Visit to Your Home in 30* Minutes


Call, WhatsApp, or request an enquiry through the contact form.


Book an appointment for our Doctor-on-Call services.


We will send our expert Doctors within the scheduled time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I use the Doctor-on-Call service in Dubai?

    To schedule an appointment, phone or WhatsApp us at 058 961 3663, book online through our website, or fill out the appointment form.

    What is a Doctor-on-Call service?

    The availability of expert doctor visits to a home in Dubai upon appointment is referred to as on-call doctor service.

    Is the Doctor-on-Call service available on holidays and weekends?

    Yes. At Lana Life Care, all our services are available on weekends and holidays.

    Can the doctor reach me in 30 minutes no matter where I am in Dubai?

    Depending on the location, we can send a doctor to visit you at home or a hotel and be there within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Contact us for further information.

    Will your medical assistance be useful if I stay in a hotel in Dubai?

    Yes, we have a specialised Doctor-at-Hotel service that allows our Doctors to contact you and provide assistance at your location.

    Does emergency and after-hours availability for the Doctor on-Call service exist?

    Yes. The Doctor-on-Call service is available at most times of the day and we are available on weekends and holidays. Contact us at any moment for additional information.

    Let us reach you in 30 Mins.
    We are ready to help you 24*7

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