Post Operative Care

After surgery some of us will need to recover and recoup over a period from your home. Our professionally qualified and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified and experienced nurses can provide you great care and all the medical assistance required as per our medical director’s interaction with your doctor. We can also provide our nurses for additional support in the hospital rooms if you are recovering from there. This is done in conjunction with the hospital.

Lana Life Care provides excellent post-surgical care for patients who are recovering from surgery. The care we provide depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s health history. Our professionally qualified and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified and experienced nurses can provide you with adequate care and all the medical assistance required as per our medical director’s interaction with your doctor. We can also offer additional support in the hospital rooms as well if you need to recover from the hospital. This is done in conjunction with the hospital.

Post-surgical care mainly aims to keep the surgical incision safe from infection and reinstate patients’ health to the pre-surgery state through expert care and assistance. 

Post-surgical or postoperative care begins right after the surgery. The duration of the care might be based on how long you might take to recover from the trauma. At times it might last only during the hospital stay, or at times it might get extended even after you get discharged. After careful preparation, Lana Life Care will talk to your doctor about the postoperative care involved so that both the patient and the caretaker can be prepared and get a glimpse of what to expect after the surgery, understand how long you will have to be at the hospital, the side effects of the surgery, possible complications, etc. 

Our Services In Post Operative Care

Postoperative Care At Home

Lana Life Care offers the best post-surgical care at the comfort of your home. Our post-surgery caregivers will analyse the patients’ conditions, will ask the right questions and understand the care needed for the patient to have a healthy post-surgery recovery. Taking care of your loved ones at home might be easy, but it involves an equal amount of risk as proper pain management, and medication might not be possible. This is where Lana Life Care experts come in. Our trained experts will ensure that along with recovering physically; the patient has also recovered mentally from the trauma or surgery. 

Our professional caregivers understand that the initial days after the surgery can be really tough. The disorientation, restricted mobility, after-effects of the medication, etc., might make it even more challenging for the patient. Also, bedsores which are common after surgeries, might cause severe complications if left unattended. Our expert caregivers will ensure that the patient is given utmost care and comfort during our services. 

Benefits Of Professional Post-Operative Care

We can divide postoperative recovery into five stages:

  1. Pre-recovery – This is a stage before the surgery and includes the patient’s physical, mental and emotional preparation for the surgery and postoperative recovery.
  2. Early recovery – Right after the surgery, the patient recovers from the anaesthesia, gains back motor activity and protective reflexes.
  3. Intermediate recovery – the phase in which coordination and psychological function normalise and the person is home-ready. 
  4. Later recovery – the patient is discharged from the hospital and regains the presurgical form – physical, mental and emotional. This phase might take from hours to days, depending on the surgery performed.
  5. Long-term recovery – Restoration of functional and cognitive abilities. This phase might take up to 3-6 months.

Some of the benefits of professional postoperative recovery are:


Why Choose Lana Life Care For Your Post Operative Nursing Care

We know that you are more than ready to tend to the needs of your loved one’s post-surgery. But when the care is required for a longer duration and needs some expert hands, Lana Life Care will assist you in the process. Our professional, kind and skilled nurses will help you with:

End-To-End Personal Care:

Our experts will assist in bathing, toileting and dressing the patients with utmost care and cleanliness. The cases of the incision being infected are high. So, our trained professionals will ensure that things are done right.

Medication Management:

Proper medication is crucial for quick recovery. Creating a schedule that works, administering the pills on time and assisting the patient in taking medicine are some of the services our nurses will provide. Medication management is essential for pain management as well.

Meal Suggestions:

A healthy and proper diet is essential for fast recovery. Our nurses will be informed about the ingredients that should be included in the daily meals to enable and ensure that the patient gets all the macro and micro nutrients essential for a speedy recovery. 

Assisted Hospital Visits:

While recovering, a patient might not be able to drive himself for the monthly hospital visits. Our nurses will accompany your loved ones to the hospital, ask the doctor about the progress and take down notes and changes to the diet as the recovery progresses.

If you ever need a trained professional for your loved ones’ post-surgical recovery, Lana Life Care is just a phone call away.


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