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Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric Physiotherapy: Ultimate Guide from Lana Life Care

Working with kids is  enlightening, enjoyable and also demanding. We must be prepared to modify our adult approaches to the ever-changing needs of a developing child when entering this field of paediatrics. Certainly, as a result of working with the child's family, a physiotherapist will also have the opportunity to work with the child in a variety of settings, including the child's own house and recreational time. To meet the…

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how to take care of newborn baby

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby?

All of us  need a little bit of help in getting started with the care of their newborn baby. How to take care of your newborn baby? All you need to know is about sleeping, breastfeeding and crying. For first-time parents, the first few months with a newborn can be chaotic and overwhelming. Regarding newborn baby care, you'll hear a variety of contradictory opinions from a variety of sources. When…

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