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Health Benefits of Geriatric Massages - How it Helps Senior Citizens

The Surprising Benefits of Geriatric Massage for Senior Citizens

Old age usually refers to people surpassing or nearing the life expectancy cycle. As age progresses, elders are often left alone in a room to meet their fate, while some lucky ones are surrounded by their loved one's care. Age-related euphemisms include older adults and the elderly alike. The skin develops wrinkles and sags, rips more efficiently, and heals more slowly as it ages. People lose muscle and bone mass…

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Tips for Post-Surgery Recovery Care at Home

Post Surgery Care Tips: How to Recover Comfortably at Home?

Undoubtedly, surgery is a challenging process for patients, their loved ones, and their caregivers. In general, we focus more on getting ready for the procedure and frequently forget to make plans for post-surgery recovery. If plans are made ahead of time, caregivers can avoid the problems that come up when the patient goes home.  It is important to keep in mind that post-surgical rehabilitation is a consistent process that needs…

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