Life has been vastly different for the residents of the U.A.E for the past year like it has been all around the world.The pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people live, think, and act. Even though vaccination rates have started to pick up around the world, there are many hurdles that mankind is facing.New variants of the virus being identified in many countries, inequitable distribution of vaccines, vaccine supply not meeting up with the global demand, reluctance among sections of the population to get vaccinated, concerns about the efficacy and effectiveness of certain vaccines are some of the headlines that have caught our attention in the past few weeks.

Why Home Health Care Is Important
The Healthcare industry is facing one of the most challenging problems it has faced in modern history.There can be no doubt that going forward, the healthcare industry will transform itself in ways that we have never imagined.Home health care has been a sought-after service in the U.A.E for the past decade.Globally home health care services have been around for much longer, especially in Europe and in North America. In Dubai, Home health care services have grown exponentially in the last 5 years due to surging demand from both local and expatriate populations.

What is home health care?
Making various health care services available at the homes of patients refers to home health care.Home nursing, elderly care, chronic illnesses care, pregnancy care, baby care, wound care, pain management, end of life care, post-surgery care, physiotherapy, injection services, tube feeding, special needs assistance, childcare, blood testing, etc are some of the services provided by home health care companies. In Dubai, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) regulates the activities of such companies to ensure that the quality of the health care services provided is as per the medical standards that are well recognized.

Best and the most premium home health care company in the U.A.E
Lana Life Care is a premium provider of all the above services and we ensure that we go above and beyond the regulations and standards set both by DHA and the recommendations of WHO.Our licensed, experienced, and compassionate team of nurses, physiotherapists, health care assistants, and medical directors take great care of your near and dear ones at the comfort of your home.We have a multi-national and highly qualified team of experts who will provide you top quality health care in your own sweet home.

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