• Qualification : The home health care professional/ nurse should have the right qualifications to perform the job. In Dubai, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) has specific educational qualification requirements. At Lana Life Care all our staff are qualified as per the standards set by the DHA for specific types of care.
  • Experience : It is critical that the nurses have had excellent experience in the fields they are specialised in. At Lana Life Care all our nurses are experienced in highly reputable medical organisations internationally.
  • Compassion : The nurses should be able to communicate and behave with compassion to the patient. This is as important as the medical help being provided. At Lana Life Care we select, train and continuously develop the right kind of staff to ensure that they act as a caring helping hand and infuse confidence among the patients.
  • Personal Grooming : Grooming, cleanliness and attention to details are the hallmark of a professional care provider. We go out of our way to ensure that our team members have had these qualities in their personality from a very young age. You will be happy to see these qualities in abundance among our passionate team members while they spend long hours with your family.

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