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Hire a nurse or doctor from Lana Life Care, for the best possible care and safety for your staff

Site Nurse Or Site Doctor

We offer construction health care to your workers by providing monthly services with extremely affordable packages.
Our construction clients understand that having access to expert on-site medical care improves productivity because:

Onsite Health Programs

blood pressure screening

Hypertension is one of the most expensive health conditions and is known as a silent killer because its signs & symptoms are unnoticed.

In Dubai, according to studies 30% of adults are having hypertension and it might increase in time due to lifestyle. There were 3 studies that were conducted in Dubai and it shows that around a third of the UAE population has hypertension (high blood pressure).

Showing that your company cares about employees takes a smart step towards reducing health care costs, decreasing absenteeism and increasing productivity by building a healthier workforce.

glucose screening

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, renal disease, and amputation and leads to increased mortality, primarily from cardiovascular events.
There is a long, latent, asymptomatic period in which the condition can be detected:

Type of Diabetes Type

  • Type 1 DM
  • Type 2 DM

health coaching

Through a caring relationship-based approach, Lana Life Care Onsite Care is available for follow-up health coaching to address the company’s higher-risk population and has been effective at helping these individuals make healthy changes needed to live happier, more productive lives. This, in turn, benefits employers by averting chronic and costly health care expenses and productivity inefficiencies over time.

Combining our screening service with our coaching service is the most logical and best step in curbing your employee health care expenses.

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