Baby Care Service in Dubai

Proper baby care will impact the infant's general growth as he or she develops into a healthy, content child. The newborn has to be nurtured and well cared for throughout this stage, which is particularly challenging because babies generally are unable to communicate their needs and wants. As the baby's body is still developing and getting used to a new environment, he or she is more likely to get sick.

If you have an expert and experienced caretaker for your baby, you can concentrate on his or her character development and give them a pleasant infanthood. Lana Life Care assists in providing unique and reliable baby care services in Dubai for all parents who are worried about their infant’s well-being.

Specialisations in Baby Care Services

Our newborn baby care services' main objective is to offer the best possible postnatal care planning, guidance, education, and support cost-effectively. We are the experts in baby care, and we offer the following child care services but are never limited to:

  • We are equipped to treat any medical complications that an infant may have.
  • Techniques on how to bathe your baby; change baby positions; sleep training; bottle or breastfeeding; sterilisation of baby feeding equipment, etc. 
  • Our professionally trained nurses give great care to mothers who have had high-risk pregnancies or who need help with their wounds after having a caesarean.
  • Our skilled home care nurses can give the infant the high-quality care they require, including advice on the most convenient breastfeeding positions.
  • Our experienced and DHA-certified nurses can prevent infections, which the newborn is extremely sensitive to in the early stages, owing to the specific training they get in infection control and sanitation.
  • Customised newborn care needs advanced medical attention.
  • Specialised treatment for newborns with low birth weight.
  • Noticing developmental signs. 
  • Educating families and providing professional baby care services.
  • Helping to maintain a hygienic and safe environment for both infants and mothers.

Unique Benefits of Our Baby Care Services in Dubai

The benefits of selecting our newborn baby care include: 

  • Services that are affordable and customised.
  • Neonatal baby care services.
  • Expert and DHA-approved nurses and baby caretakers in Dubai.
  • A precise understanding of and identification of newborns' requirements.
  • Managing postnatal care.
  • Provision of immunisation services and taking care of the child's other medical needs.
  • Helping in the personal, social, and emotional development of infants.
  • Inculcate the basics of communication and language development. 
  • The holistic physical development of infants and the recovery of mothers.
  • Techniques on how to effectively manage feeding and behaviour.

Reliable Baby Care Services in Dubai

With the best possible care for your children, Lana Life Care offers dependable, adaptable, and affordable baby care services in Dubai. Our staff of qualified, caring, skilled, and compassionate home nurses for infants is chosen to meet both your and your baby's needs.

Why Choose Lana Life Care’s Baby Care in Dubai?

Lana Life Care is the leading provider of high-quality baby care and in-home health care services in the UAE. These services include home nursing, physiotherapy, care for the elderly, care after surgery, care for pregnant women and babies, help for people with special needs, and much more. 

Our team is made up of nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, caregivers, professional nurses, nutritionists, doctors, and medical directors for premium baby care services at your doorstep. 

Each of our healthcare professionals adheres to the medical guidelines laid out by DHA. At Lana Life Care, you will find the most stress-free baby care service in Dubai. Whether you need newborn care or toddler care services for a fixed or flexible period, we have solutions. 

Our home baby care services can aid in looking after your babies' or toddlers' health with nurturing care, providing a safe, secure, and loving environment. With Lana Life's reliable baby care services, there is nothing you need to be nervous about, even if you’re new to parenting.

Our other services related to baby care include:

Baby Care Near Me

Lana Life Care is your reliable source if you have any questions or concerns about baby care services in Dubai. As we are only a phone call away, there is no need to look for the "best baby care near me" or the "baby care services near me." You will receive excellent baby care at the convenience of your home with Lana Life Care.

What age groups of babies require dedicated baby care services?

Starting from an infant to a toddler requires adept baby care services. Lana Life Care provides baby care services to all age groups; for example, baby care services for one-year-old babies, toddler baby care services, infant baby care services, and much more.

How to take care of your newborn baby?

Taking care of your baby is easy with our expert caregivers and DHA-certified nurses, and we ensure to give your child safe and pleasant infant care.

How to take care of your toddlers?

Taking care of toddlers requires a proper understanding of their daily routines. Our expert toddler caregivers will equip you with different techniques for a healthier and happier infant.

How do you take care of a baby when both parents work?

You can take the assistance of our caregivers to maintain your baby’s health for a safe infanthood.

What is the significance of baby care?

All babies require critical newborn care to reduce the risk of disease and promote healthy growth and development. A healthy baby's basic needs at birth are warmth, regular breathing, mother's milk, and protection from getting sick.

Does Lana Life Care provide expert baby care services to all age groups?

Yes, Lana Life Care provides experienced and reliable baby care services to infants and toddlers of all age groups.

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